Hello to anybody who reads this post! I just registered and noticed that this sub-forum existed. I know it's a long shot considering the small number of people I see fishing around me but I figured it was worth a shot. I fish lake Edelman and lake Graham on a near-daily basis. I've also fished most any water that I've been able to find between here and PK. I have access to tandem kayaks and a small two seater pond boat but I primarily bank fish. If anybody near me would like to meet up to fish or even just give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciated. As some extra incentive, I'll even fillet any keepers that get caught if we go fishing.

P.S. even if you can't meet up with me I'm always open to suggestions when it comes to fishing, just because you don't fish lake Graham doesn't mean I don't want you to reply to this thread!! Any and all advice is welcome. Also, I've attached a photo of my PB hybrid striped bass below, if you want to see a video of it being caught I will happily post a link, assuming that's allowed.

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