I have just upgraded my electronics to Helix 9SI Mega and Helix 7DI. I have two "old" Humminbird units--- 597di and a 698si/di.

What are these "old units" worth?

Also when I upgraded I got a package deal on 2 Helix 9's. I'm using the 9SI Mega, but will sell the Helix 9 Chirp. Only have head / power cord / nimble mount. What is this Helix 9 Chirp (Gen2) worth.

Before I post them for sale would like to have some idea what a fair value is? I'm willing to sell them very reasonably. Maybe someone wanting an entry level unit or "just old school" might prefer them. I upgraded in order to side scan for white bass. Nothing wrong with either of these "older" units.


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