This is actually a FYI post. The tilt/trim switch on my console shorted out in October. The motor was running in the Up position for a brief time before I discovered it. Easy fix, but afterwards as the motor was being lowered as far as it would go, or being raised from the lowest position it made this noise that sounded like metal on metal rubbing together. I came to the conclusion I had somehow warped one of the shafts on the t/t motor. I towed the boat to my mechanic and showed him the problem. He laughed and said all I need to do is place a dab of waterproof grease on the end of each piston rod and another dab on the rubber contact pad located on the motor. I just got this boat in February, still learning how to keep it maintained. His advice was correct and free. 2016 Yamaha 150.

Boats are like Strippers. They work until you quit throwing $100 bills at them.