I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this group and the discussions that I’ve seen so far! I am now in business with a company that manufactures Toon Troll trolling motor mounts and Rail Mate accessory mounting systems for pontoons. My website is fine-toon.com, where you will find more pictures, videos, information and our Facebook page.

Toon Troll is a revolutionary system that keeps the trolling motor out front of the bow instead of taking up all of the deck space of traditional installations, prevents tripping hazards and allows a quick and easy way to remove the trolling motor for trailering and security purposes. The attached pictures are my boat with our SR model and you can see for yourself the benefits of having this system.

Please feel free to message with any questions you may have.

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SunTracker 24XP3 Fishin Barge, 150 Merc, Toon Troll mounted MK trolling motor.