Let Me Suggest & Familiarize You To My Choice of Action Cameras!

Over the years i've tried a lot of action cams. Contour, Akaso, OnReal, Yi Lite, Yi 4K, GoPro 5 & 7. I thought the GoPros would be the one. Investing $400 into the 7 meant another $400 in accessories. Ouch! And i had some issues with all the other units i tried. Then while researching action cams i came across the Alcove Pro 4K Cine.

The stats looked good but no reviews by known geeks. And it came with all the accessories i needed. Unit price was a little over half of a GoPro. And free accessories (sorry, gotta drill this in). The standout accessory was the external mic. I paid roughly $100 for a GoPro Lavalier external mic!

So instead of being a boring techno geek reading stats off, i'll just be me and tell you honestly the pros of why this works so well for my YouTube needs. For what i do the unit's stabilization & resolution has to be more then average. And the external mic is a major plus if it's free, which it is with the Alcove.

So i'll explain in simple laymen terms why this unit will fit your YouTube fishing needs. Beyond fishing the usages are endless. Thanks Alan Teitel, the inventor & 2 time Emmy Award winner who took a chance on a honest videographer.

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