I admit, I have NOT been working out regularly for quite a while.

* The culprit, the excuse, "bone-on-bone" in the right hip joint.
It's f'ing crippling me, and I'm trying to figure out/research what might help.
I do NOT want hip replacement surgery.

However, I have remained slim, fairly thin, and I have not gained tons of weight even though I've been eating too much candy/sweets, and also junk food.
* I DO eat healthy food as well, but I love my junk.

I am not rock-hard in my stomach, but it's still fairly trim.

The reason I have maintained my current, fairly-slim waist and hips/tail area is simply because I don't eat nearly as much as before.
My appetite is suppressed.
Just now I cut the bottom 1/3 of an apple, small like a tennis ball, and only ate the bottom.
I didn't want or need anymore.

I don't know exactly why my appetite is low, but it is.

Bottom line, nothing new to hear/read, but eating less keeps the weight off.
Stress will do it as well, and right now, America is stressed!

Addendum: I'm sure I'll add more to this post soon enough.


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