Just How Good Is This Lure?

When it comes to yellow, i'm a sucker. I've had great success using yellow. The hook is a VMC styled hook, it'll hook-up instantly wherever it makes contact with the fish. I was lucky enough to find a box of them in Pompano Beach years ago while getting ready to dive & fish Eleuthera. Ever since then i've managed to hook fish on every outing using them. That's saying something! And no, i'm not sponsored by them either.

These are extremely good lures. Well constructed & weighted just right. Let's see, so far i've caught Jacks, Barracudas, Bonefish, Goatfish, Ladyfish, Lizardfish, Hawkfish, Groupers, Snappers, Reds, Trumpetfish, Goatfish & big Wrasses. So far never hit a Threadfin "Moi" yet. One day.

Best way to use these lures are by Spin Casting them. Here in Hawaii this form of angling is referred to as Whipping. They're day lures as they don't glow at night. They are weighted so it's perfect for the Ultra-lite Anglers, Baitcasters as well as Fly Casters. This synopsis of a few catches shows predator fish just want to eat them. Period. My Pompano Bud Wayne and i used these successfully off Jupiter targeting large Snook off the mangroves.

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