UFP says that oil should be changed at 20,000 miles so I am sure it is ok but hate it when I can't do regular maintenance. With deer season coming up I am thinking about trying once again to get the plugs out. I plan to remove the wheels and let the plugs soak in PB Blaster for 2 weeks. The way I see it is I have 4 choices. 1 - leave be, 2- soak and try to extract, 3 - replace bearing covers with the ones that have filler plugs, 4 - if extraction fails buy new hubs. Has any gad any experience with using an extractor on the plugs? If i try to extract and that fails then I am left with option 4 which I really don't want.

2200 Bay Champ/200 Mercury Optimax
2017 Tundra TSS 4x4 Crewmax 5.7L