Lake O' The Pines: The Southern Fishing League (SFL) is coming for your bass. What is the SFL? We are a new tournament organization that will utilize MLF rules with slight modifications (no fish landing penalty, no central location meetup between periods). The Shootouts are limited to a field of 50 boats fishing either as a team or individual. With a full 50 boat field the winner will walk away with a cool $10,000 in cash. We will pay out 5 spots 1) $10k, 2) $2,000, 3) $1,000, 4) $900, 5) $800. We have scheduled Lake O' the Pines for a Shootout Lake on 7 November, 2020. Please feel free to PM, email or call me if you have questions. To register for our events and more information, please visit

We are also actively seeking 50 volunteers willing to serve as rules officials for our Pines Shootout. As a volunteer rules official your role will be crucial to the success of the tournament trail. Anglers competing in the Shootouts will be fishing for up to $10,000. Please see the volunteer requirements below:
1: Be able to ride in a boat for up to 8 hours in nice or inclement weather
2: Not be physically disabled to the point the anglers have to take care of you
3: At least 15 years old (parent permission must be sent to SFL)
4: Has a smart phone and able to operate
What will Southern Fishing League provide you for your services:
1: $ to cover gas or other expenses (Monetary payout based on sponsorship availability for each tournament)
2: Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks
3: Equipment to record and annotate anglers catch
4: Officials jersey
What will the rules official do:
1: Weigh, write down on manual score log and submit weight to tournament officials via smartphone
2: Update anglers on current standing within the tournament
3: Ensure anglers are competing in a sportsmanlike manner
4: Keep official time

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