For Casting Baits Long Distance Without The Bait Flying Off The Hook:)

Shore casters love casting their baits out as far as possible without the bait being ripped off the hook from the enertia of the cast. Using dental floss to tie my baits to the hook has been my way for years. Then along came Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread. This thin elastic line is great for holding together soft baits like fish, shrimp & liver from being ripped-off the hook during the cast.

So how do you know which line to use? Years of usage has taught me to put my faith in these 2 products, and when to use them. I'll show you how i attach the baits to the hook & how i tie them on. Salting the baits using rock salt combined with freezing has toughen softer baits such as fish & shrimps. Combine this technique to using dental floss & Miracle Thread and you're catch ratio will climb. You will also save money buying bait as you won't lose as much.

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