After going through changing all the settings on my Helix 7 Mega G3N with side and down, I have just come to the conclusion that it's simply too small to give me the kind of detail I want. I am wanting to upgrade to at least a 10 inch screen, at the helm. Should I just move the 7 to the front, and piggyback it to the larger unit, and just have it transfer the info from the other? Or, should I just sell it, and buy a new larger unit, and keep it at the helm?

I do not bass fish, and 99.9% of my fishing is either spot locked or anchored over structure, or drift fishing. The only other fishing I do, is throw into a pile of sandies, if I catch them schooling. I'm assuming it really won't do me a lot of good to have a unit at the front because of this. Am I right, or is there some other advantage to having one up front?

Also, suggestions on the best platform out there around 10 inches? I am open to changing brands.

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