Below all this is the post I made in the "In Praise Of Older Boats" thread about our 13 Dauntless. Already there's been 2 posts on the video itself about pricing and 3 emails (the same) so I'll answer what I can before those 2 am phone calls start: "Hey, are you that guy that I heard posted a do it all Whaler for sale?" Our boat is not for sale!!!

Dauntless 13 & 15 (and 21, 23 & 27 Whaler Walkarounds): designed by Peter Van Lancker from 1991-1997 - these were built heavier and were much more costly to buy (and build) than previous designs they replaced and did not sell well. They were sold at a loss (each one they sold was less than the cost of building) and almost sunk Boston Whaler, resulting in the sale of Whaler by Reebok to Brunswick at a pittance of what they paid for the company. What was bad for them, is good for us today - these are excellent boats made new over and over by simply replacing the engine - the steering, rails, etc., etc., were all commercial grade and probably will look new and need nothing down to the electrical system needing nothing. Slap on an engine - done.

I used the 13 & 2 21 WA's in my commercial business. The larger ones will take any reasonable sea. The smaller ones will take any reasonable inland and inshore waters - the 15 more so than the 13 as you can stand up piloting that. Some of the 13's and 15's had the casting platforms (very desirable) for bass & flats work.

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Boston Whaler 15 - $5000

Now for the boat: since these were made with premium everything, look at the hull as new (no matter what age - people still assume ours is brand new). I had to replace the one I had originally since the guy I subsequently bought a house from insisted the boat be made part of the purchase price (and he paid double for it knowingly). Hated to lose it - and had a tough time finding one to replace it.

Price: I've seen the hull only as little as $2500 - $4500. With a junk (steel) trailer: $4500 range. With a junk trailer, old engine that runs decent: $5500-6500 range. With a new engine: look up the price of that new engine, slap it on one of these options and you're in the ballpark. We ran ours for a couple years with the old engine and then put on a 30 hp Mercury pullstart (and electric too). A 30 runs it 25, a 40 runs it 45, & 50 or over runs it insanely fast.

These aren't the normal Whalers you see with the cathedral hull. They are heavily constructed (and weigh more) semi V bottoms. Some will have seen heavy service as tenders for ships and yachts and may have cradle damage (chips, rips in the hull where they were craned on board - ours has this in the stern quarter) but this is easily repaired with an epoxy kit.

Good luck in getting one of these boats if you can find one at all.


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1994 (These and sister 15 & 21's made from 1993-97) Dauntless 13. We love this boat for all it can do: it was a ski boat in Fl, a tender for a trawler, a commercial flats/bay boat, some "old guy" (probably younger than me now) put bass seats on it and a trolling motor for a bass boat. Not the best boat for any job really, but will do all of them well. With the motor trimmed up we need 9" water to operate. All the lights, switches, bait well pump have never been gone through and still work like new. Photo from when we lived in Fl.

The little boat that almost sunk Boston Whaler:

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