Originally Designed To Be Paired With The GoPro3 Black!

I needed a remote for my new GoPro Hero8 Black. I found a cheap remote on eBay & i purchased it. The unit was shipped in a plastic wrapper in an envelope. No box, instructions or data of any kind. I wrote back & the company sent me an YouTube link by someone who says he uses "Tricks & Tips" on GoPro products. That video just showed how to turn the remote on & off. I asked the company for a refund, now they're ignoring me. Figures, in the last 6 months they had 100 negative feedbacks & 64 neutrals. Should've looked at their horrible track record before ordering.

They advertised this remote as a GoPro Hero8 Black remote. Found out it was for the GoPro Hero3 Black in 2013 instead. But after toying around with it i found a way to get it to perform. I'm sure if i had the real remote for the Hero8 (button controls are different) that i could access more available functions that the Hero8 unit has. So i made a simple video showing others how to access the basic functions of this GoPro remote.

But if you want to skip ahead to where i show how to "pair" the GoPro to the remote go to 4:36.

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