hey all!

I'm starting a fishing team for MHS with THSBA! its the first-ever fishing team for the high school, and Frisco's second-ever fishing team! we are looking for boating captains, anglers, and sponsors so feel free to message me about those! can't wait to get started, but I don't think we'll make it to the first tourney of the season. P.S what are some good tournament setups? I currently have a blackmax with a Berkley lighting. its 7ft med or med heavy I think. any other good combos under 150? looking to have three or four total combos for me. what are some good local places i should check for sponsors? and where are some good places to get jerseys made? also looking for lure/rod combo donations if anyone has some spares. Ik i wont be needing them, but there may be more avid fisherman who i need to hook up with better gear. TIA