We are proud to announce our new Lake Fork trail for the 20-21 season.
We have been working on this for awhile and we were going to have a 3 lake division but ultimately decided to focus on Fork. Due to the slot limit this event takes the under/over out of your game plan allowing you to focus on quality fish. No more of making sure you have a limit of unders before you go look for that 1 over. We have scheduled 6 events that are geared toward the weekend angler. No guides or professional fisherman allowed. This will end with a championship based on points to qualify for the championship. We will be limiting the field to 50 boats on a first come first served approach. There are points bonuses for early entry. We will be posting more on the website with rules and format info this coming week.
We also have placed 2 events on the schedule that we will allow guides and professionals. These 2 events will not be points tournaments or go toward the championship. Looking forward to a great season. www.honestmikeoutdoors.com

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