I have a 2017 Pro Team 175 TXW. I'd like to upgrade to a 24V Trolling Motor. I swapped out the Edge for a Minn Kota Power Drive v2 as soon as I got it. Intended to add the iPilot head to the MK, but am really tired of the Power Drive. Want to go back to a TM that has a foot pedal that will fit the existing tray. Looking at the Lowrance Ghost, as I'm probably going to be getting 2 new 9" Ti-2's and want the ability to integrate with the TM.

Have also been looking at a couple new boat options, but not sure I want to make that purchase right now, as just recently retired.

I've spent hours researching and reading everything I can find about how to upgrade from a 12V to a 24V system. I'm pretty sure the 2017 wiring will support 24V. The battery tray in back is setup for a 3rd battery and looks the same as the 2019 and 2020 models. Tracker's website lists following for those 2 years:

"Able to accept 2nd trolling motor battery & up to a 24V trolling motor w/circuit breaker change (dealer installed)"

Interested in hearing from anyone else who has already done this on a 2016-2018 model. Do I need to upgrade an inline breaker or one at the fuse block?

I realize i'll have to change out my existing 2-bank charger. Recommendations on a 3-bank? Also thinking about going with the Connect-Ease 24V Trolling Motor Quick Connects.