Aug 22 2020, Yesterday was one of those days,....
Go to get the boat out of storage and one of the troll motor batteries is dead.
Oh well, after I get two new ones from my buddy Fred at DSM we're out on the water.
Hot day, slow bite, time for some eats. Put the boat back about 4:30 and we're heading across
the 154 bridge and my 2010 Pathfinder says,...chug..chug....spitter.....and turns off !!!
Quickly pull over, ENG CHK LIGHT on.
Wait a few minutes and start it again, and go about 200 yards into our RV park.
Its 4:45 on Friday evening...I quickly call Fred and ask him who the best mechanic he
knows...he gives me Jeff Simmons phone number. I call Jeff and give him my sad story.
At closing time he says bring it on over and I'll look at it !!! I was there in ten minutes, he was just down the
road. He was extremely friendly, and looked at my problem. He hooked up his magic box,
then took time to order the part, and have it delivered that night. Saturday morning at 10am
I was back on the road. AMAZING !!! You dont find guys like Jeff very much anymore.
An good, honest guy who works hard for his customers. He has a big bag of Crappie coming very soon !!
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