Big Vic's Bait Bags WORK!

I recently did a video on using shrimp & squid "ika" in bait bags. That day saw multiple hits of Bonefish, Ladyfish & a Shark. My young friend Kyle wanted to know if those bags are good for crab? I think so.

I'm getting many pictures of anglers who used my bait bag idea & have caught large fish employing my suggested system from Hawaii & abroad. Glad to hear that bait bags work everywhere from Australia to the Eastern coast of America. And it saves on time checking your lines & you'll save on having to constantly buy bait as well.

For those that "think" the nylon in the stretchable bags are bad for the fish & the environment has never used this method. After 100's of bags used by myself & my friends not a single one ended-up on the reef or remained within a fish. When a fish hits a bag the fact that the hook is intertwined with the hook makes it next to impossible for the bag to easily fall off that hook unless you pinch the barbs thus forming a "barbless" hook. The only exception is if the leader line breaks.

God Bless you all & please be safe while fishing:) Chris

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