I was fishing in the pond this morning, and took rods with the Fuego and the Tatula. Both work great, and I really can’t say that the Fuego is less of a reel even though it was about $100 less. But...when I put the Tatula down and grabbed the Fuego, my casts were short. I checked the brake and it was set on the max of 20. Hmmm, I didn’t do that, so I dialed it to 8 And went to fishing with the Fuego, throwing a spinner bait way out there. Nice reel. After a bit, I went back to the barn workshop to get a couple more baits. I put the rod and reel down on my workbench while I dug around in the tackle box. Took everything back to the pond and again was throwing short. Checked the brake and it was again on the max of 20. Either I have a gremlin or accidentally overadjusted the brake somehow when I put it on the workbench. Neither of those seems reasonable, but it was sure on 20. I’ll keep an eye on this reel.

Caught one bass on a double spinner black and yellow H&H. Lost one on a two hook Rapala when he tail walked and threw the bait. Had 3 or 4 more nice strikes, but hooked nothing.

All this while the wife was mowing the yard. She was giving me the evil eye, but I didn’t fold under the pressure.