Tracker Targa V18WT.

Is there a good way to put an eye or cleat at the point of the bow, preferably on top? The eye for the winch hook is way too low to use. Most of our fishing is done tied off to treetops and when it's breezy I don't like the way the boat bobs tied off on the (for lack of better term or knowledge) front quarter cleat...that yawing motion is pretty uncomfortable.

Want to put a round 4-5" grate-covered hole in the below-deck compartment between the two front seats. If it can be done without affecting the structural integrity of anything, exactly where do I put it? Stormy couple of days, swept out what trash I could, the small stuff got hosed down into that compartment and it took an amazingly looong time for it to drain...leaving almost all that small stuff to be mopped up.

Fishing, a man knows a serenity of soul and peace of mind that he finds in doing nothing else, and it makes no difference whether or not he catches anything. The mind of a true fisherman is not on petty subjects.