Dual Rotational Ball Bearing Swivels Means No Line Twisting For Casting Braided Line!

I really enjoy whipping "spin casting" from shore day or night. Poppers. jigs, flies to plastics it's all good. What i don't like is my braid getting "untwisted" from 100's of casts. Years ago i discovered the benefits of using dual rotational ball bearing swivels for bilateral directional twisting generated by the kinetic forces generated by casting. For monofilament users it won't matter, but for braid fanciers it's a game changer.

A few years ago i visited Brian's Fishing Supply in Honolulu, Hawaii. Brian constructed a display that showed the benefits of casting these swivels. He kindly let me video his apparatus in use. For those that aren't convinced this will help your game just simply believe your own eyes.

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