I had a 2003 Yamaha ox66 and replaced with a rebuilt 2008 yamaha HPDI. The oil is not transferring from the remote tank to the engine. The emergency fill switch on the engine tank does not work either. I replaced the filter on the remote tank and then I unplugged the 4 pin connector at the remote tank and ran two wires directly from my battery to the remote tank pump and the pump operates just fine. When I trace that line to the first connection under the cowling, it connects to a a four pin connector but only three lines run out of the connection has one terminal is empty. The way the plug lines up, the empty terminal just happens to be the hot wire for the remote oil tank. I see online that there is a plug (part 6R8-82582-00-00) for 2004 and prior tilt trim and oil harness to 2005 plus motors. It was $5 so I have gone ahead and bought it, but there wasn't a good picture of the part so I'm not sure if it is what I need. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Kenny Stewart