Looking at this list I think this is why Hackney is fishing the Opens now, they extend two out who might get the other Nixon?

Who Else is in Line for a BASS Legends Exemption?

Amongst the rumblings from the rumor mill of what’s been a crazy last 15 months in the bass fishing world, a forgotten BASS rule has risen to the forefront of the discussion. BASS implemented the “Legends Exemption” for the 2017 Elite Series season. While it’s a newer rule, it’s been oddly overlooked. That is until the Bass Pro Tour had it’s first deflections after its inaugural season. Gerald Swindle and Brandon Palanuik have signed up for the 2020 Elite Series after claiming their exemption. But what exactly is it, and how does an angler qualify for it? A 2016 Bassmaster.com article by Dave Precht explains the concept like this,

“B.A.S.S. Legend invitations will be extended based on one point for each Bassmaster Classic win and one point for each Bassmaster Angler of the Year title,” the notice said.

Classic and AOY winners currently fishing the Elites who do not requalify this year will have first priority, and invitations will be based on the number of Legend points anglers have accumulated. For example, in the unlikely event both fail to requalify, Kevin VanDam (with seven AOY titles and four Classic wins) would rank above Rick Clunn (one AOY and four Classics).

If the two slots are not filled from the Elites, invitations will be extended to legends currently competing in the Bassmaster Opens. Any remaining openings after that will be offered to former Classic champions and AOY title holders who aren’t currently competing in B.A.S.S events” (read the entire article here)

That tells us the two exemptions for the 2020 season have been filled and all other anglers must qualify through the Bassmaster Opens or wait for the 2021 season to seek an exemption. What will be interesting to see is who may seek out that exemption that is not currently with BASS. We decided to tally up the numbers and see who may qualify from outside of BASS as well as current Elites.

Current BASS Elite Series anglers

Rick Clunn 4 points
Jay Yelas 2 points
David Fritts 1 point
Scott Canterbury 1 point

Currently fishing the BPT:

Kevin VanDam 11 points
Mark Davis 4 points
Aaron Martens 3 points
Gary Klein, Michael Iaconelli, Skeet Reese, Jordan Lee 2 points
Justin Lucas, Greg Hackney, Brent Chapman, Tim Horton, Ott DeFoe, Edwin Evers, Casey Ashley, Randy Howell, Cliff Pace, Chris Lane, Alton Jones, Boyd Duckett, Takahiro Omori, Luke Clausen, Paul Elias 1 point

Last fished with FLW

Larry Nixon 3 points
Jimmy Houston 2 points

Also of interest

Roland Martin 9 points
Davy Hite 3 points