This is the first tournament we've fished together. I show you how we all worked together to catch big redfish, black drum, and some speckled trout. As you'll see from the video, some anglers did not have much experience; but they were willing to learn how to fish, and most importantly, how to bring in big fish with patience and good technique.

We use light tackle (12lb Nanofil line) on med light 7'4" MHX rods. Using treble hooks for freelined shrimp, the team was able to capitalize on the schools of black drum and redfish. We ended up winning the coveted redfish and black drum pots as well as the overall stringer. Because we were in the non-guided category, we were ineligible to win more than one large fish pot, so we only took home 2 trophies.

Beachgate Condosuites sponsored us to be in this tournament, and we made a fun 3 day weekend out of it with good friends, food, and a little drinking staying at the Beachgate right on the beach. Why drive 200 miles to be 1 mile from the beach? Stay on the beach! Hope you enjoyed the video.

One 10-pounder is better than ten 1-pounders; but 100 1-pounders is ok too!
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