Wind, wind, wind. Which is normal and we should be used to it. The waves breaking over the back my boaters boat caused us a ten minute delay when it was time to leave to pump out all of that water. Drop shots, c-rigs, jigs and shaky heads and crankbaits won the day. Congrats to Gary Gilmore for his 9.12 LB over. Also congrats to long suffering boater Terry Thompson for catching the boater lunker and coming in much higher than usual. Terry had his grandson Grayson as a guest today. Also Greg Geisler had his son as a guest today as did Gary Pardini had his son Jason Pardini. Way to go young fellas!
And welcome new member Matt Webb.

All fish 10" and up count as well as slot fish. Only their best 5 count.


First Place went to Bob Roberts of Longview with 9 bass for 13.81LB. with a 3.95 LB lunker.
Second Place went to Terry Thompson of Sulphur Springs with 5 bass for 13.23 LB. with the boater lunker of 5.60 LB
Third Place went to Bill Ailes of Sulphur Springs with 8 bass for 13.04 LB with a 4.13 LB. lunker.
Fourth Place went to Charlie Abresch of Hawkins with 45 bass for 10.84 LB. with a 3.46LB. lunker
Fifth Place went to Jack White of Farmers Branch with 7 bass for 10.11 LB and a 2.74 LB lunker.


First Place went to Alf Tuggle of Lake Cypress with 12 bass for 19.37 LB. with a 7.54 LB. lunker.
Second Place went to Gary Gilmore of Ennis with 6 bass for 14.72 LB. with the co-angler lunker of 9.12 LB.
Third Place went to Ken Kielbas of Arlington with 6 bass for 7.22 LB. with a lunker of 1.72 LB.
Fourth Place went to Randy Fugate of Corsicana with 5 bass for 7.09 LB. with a 3.02 LB. lunker.
Fifth Place went to John Berech of Garland with 1 bass for 4.40 LB.

We caught 115 keepers today with 4 skunks. Many of the fish were caught in deeper water than is usual for us.

The LFA fishes every Thursday except T-Day and Christmas on 2 different formats. A 5 fish limit we call LFA and a MLF style format where every fish counts we call Hard Core, 3 special tournaments and an end of year dinner. We are a club of 55+ seniors (Mostly) and are very liberal on members being for off vacations and medical issues.

Right now we are looking for more co-anglers. Bring your tackle and life vest and get to go out on Lake Fork for far less than you'd pay for a guide.
For information e-mail me at Call 903-440-2797 You can check out our website at

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