I Was Using Live Flagtails "Aholehole" For Surf Casting For GT's!

Over 2yrs ago executives of Okuma arrived for the Izuo Brothers New Product Show in Honolulu, HI. This was my first expo show as Okuma's Rep & Product Tester. So we all went whipping (spin casting). Waves up North was 12-15ft that morning so we headed to Keehi Lagoon from Waimea Bay. That's when i had the chance to get to know John Bretza, Okuma's Director of Product Development.

We compared notes and got along fine. John wanted to know what i thought Hawaii needed. A product that can be used Worldwide. These rods were the result. John sent me several prototypes & after a few modifications it's ready for Worldwide use. One of the strongpoints about Okuma is John's drive & dedication to listen to & fill the regional needs of commercial & recreational anglers alike. This is one of the reasons why Okuma grew from a OEM company to the World's 3rd largest fishing manufacturer (per Alan Hawk's reviews).

The first shipment of these long awaited rods recently arrived at Okuma's USA factory. At that time i'll give a full review on these beauties. I was hoping today i could bag myself another GT from shore. Moon phase to tides were all wrong, but hey it's fishing. Anything can happen.

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