So you'd like to fish Lake Fork but can't afford the $500 for a guide. How about going out with our club members for $40 a day, as long as it is on a Thursday. And I am talking about every Thursday. So you can pick dates as long as you fish at least 8 tournaments a year. That is 8 out of 50 days. Dues is $5 a year.

All you need is your tackle, life vest and food/drinks and you are good to go. Right now we are fishing summer hours of 5:45 AM to Noon to keep our brains from frying in the heat. Our members are fish friendly and we share info, baits and spots on a regular basis. Believe me you will learn a lot fishing with our boaters and still have the opportunity to catch the giants Fork is famous for.
Go to to view our website, read our rules and results. Our club does not keep the fish for weigh in. We catch, measure, picture if needed, and release the fish on the spot and slot fish count.

We have many members from the metroplex.

Contact me at, or call 903-440-2797.

Every Thursday
Daytime Tournaments.
Lake Fork Anglers 5 fish format and
Hard Core. .MLF format

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

We are VERY PROUD of our Induction into the
Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

Contact me to schedule the LFSA Live Release Boat for your Lake Fork tournaments.