Even though the beaches are shut down for BTB this weekend down south, Surfside is open to launch. Here is the game plan for this date:

We will launch at the public boat ramp inside of the jettys right next to the coast guard station. Launch time is 6:30 am. We will work our way to the 5-mile rig. Cmon out if interested.

Weather and Conditions:
Weather: Sunny (10% chance of rain which means no rain in Texas)
Heat: 92 degrees (bring plenty of food and fluids, not beer, lol)
Winds: starting at 5 mph and working up to 11 mph
Swells: averaging 1.5 every 4/5 secs

As I mentioned to everyone on the last Surfside trip and the same thing for this one..... bring inshore and offshore stuff. If the conditions aren't what was expected once we get to the end of the jettys, we will turn around and can do inshore. There is plenty of marsh out at Surfside. You will not need to travel far at all to fish inshore. That is merely a backup plan. Things should be good to go though for Friday. Bait shops open as early as 5:00 am and some at 6:00 am. Call the shops in advance if you need bait so you know what time you need to get there to launch on time.