Hello all, I've started fishing again, during the quarantine. Have gone to Rogers Park on Belton. Really wanted to catch some crappie, but they had other plans. Some comments and questions:

First time I went, I was using a spinning rig with 4 lb mono. Mostly using redworms on an Aberdeen hook. Also used a crappie jig or two. The mono was miserable to deal with. Caught several small sunfish, all within 10 yards of the bank (and mostly within 6 feet!).

Second time, I was using 20 lb yellow PowerPro. Huge difference! That braid stuff was much easier to work with. Line visibility was not an issue. Also using pieces of earthworm; I suspect the worm blood was a strong attractant.

There was a pack of little sunfishes (lets say 4 inches) that were biting almost at the waters' edge, I got to watch them do their thing. Hi-vis line didn't bother them, nor a fluorescent orange bobber. I watched one circle the line and work down to the worm. He seemed more concerned about his angle of attack than anything else.

Since crappie are apparently going on vacation, I am thinking of putting together a bass-sized spinning rig. Is there much hope for catching bass from the bank on a bigger lake like Belton?

What other bank fishing spots would you recommend in the Killeen/Cove area?