Today was a very strange weather day even for Texas. The forecast said no wind to start, warm and then 2 MPH out of the east. We had heavy mist, 10-12 MPH winds and fog. Some said the fish stopped biting when the fog appeared. But most said that the fish were biting pretty good. Temps at noon was 81. Drop shots, c-rigs, jigs and shakey heads and won the day.

All fish 10" and up count as well as slot fish. Only their best 5 count.


First Place went to Bob Roberts of Longview with 11 bass for 12.49 LB. with a 3.23 LB lunker.
Second Place went to Randy Bunch of Lake Fork with 5 bass for 11.26 LB. with a 3.39 LB lunker.
Third Place went to Gary Pardini of Tyler with 5 bass for 10.61 LB with the boater lunker of 4.13 LB.
Fourth Place went to Galen Smith of Alba with 4 bass for 9.74 LB. with a 3.95 LB. lunker
Fifth Place went to Jack White of Farmers Branch with 4 bass for 9.17 LB and a 2.74 LB lunker.


First Place went to Doug Haeussler of Garland with 6 bass for 14.28 LB. with a 4.46 LB. lunker.
Second Place went to Jackie Price of Alba with 5 bass for 9.65 LB. with a 2.68 LB lunker.
Third Place went to Alf Tuggle of Lake Cypress with 4 bass for 9.35 LB. with the co-angler lunker of 3.78 LB.
Fourth Place went to John Shinn of Van with 5 bass for 8.04 LB. with a 3.16 LB. lunker.
Fifth Place went to Gary Gilmore of Ennis with 6 bass for 6.94 LB. with a 2.68 LB. lunker.

We caught 126 keepers today with only 1 skunk.

The LFA fishes every Thursday except T-Day and Christmas on 2 different formats. A 5 fish limit we call LFA and a MLF style format where every fish counts we call Hard Core, 3 special tournaments and an end of year dinner. We are a club of 50+ seniors (Mostly) and are very liberal on members being for off vacations and medical issues.
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