At this point in my life, the boat that best fits my needs is a fish and ski. I know many people say they aren't good at either. I have one and cant disagree, but I also cant afford two boats. I have a 2006 nitro sport. It really isn't bad, but the thought of upgrading is appealing. Especially if i can ad a little more deck room and rod storage. Looking around, it seems that manufacturers aren't making them. Or it may be there aren't that many boat manufacturers anymore.

What options are there? I know nitro, ranger and triton still make one. Are there anymore that do? I fished out of a procraft years ago and really liked it, but I know that is not an option anymore. Im not looking for a ski boat with a trolling motor (tahoe). Just a "bass boat" with another row of seats and a ski pole.

I have google searched, a lot. Either I am not good at google, or this market is to niche.