I'll Compare My Favorite 12ft Okuma Surf Rods & What Reels I Use With Them!

Recently i had a good question from Arys Corbett. He wanted to know which 12ft Surf Rod by Okuma would i recommend that i've used. Of course a lot depends on the type or area you're working in & what species you're targeting. 2020 is the 25th Anniversary of Okuma & new equipment were ear-marked for this year. But due to the Corona Pandemic some of these releases were either delayed or benched, for now.

I'm now aware of some of this years projects & releases. But i won't comment on them until i receive & test them in the field. The rods that i was asked to evaluate was the 12ft Longitude & Solaris. I have used the casting models but not the spinning models yet. Also the 12ft Cedros MH Surf Rod for spinners. This is my go to "inside" rod for reef species like Jacks & Bonefish. Finally the Rockaway Rods that Okuma developed for the Oregon Surf Casters for Sea Perch. A year latter the Nesika Surf Rods came out. Same blanks as the Rocks but different components to lower the cost.

I'll be showing some past reviews to demonstrate how these rods perform in the field. I'll also show the types & sizes of reels i've chosen from dozens of current choices. I also added my updated reviews to each style of Surf Casting Rods. I hope this review will help those looking for combinations that work. I spent a lot of time testing equipment & made suggestions to improve the experience of fishing. There's a lot of good fishing equipment out there. In all my years of fishing i've tried not all, but a lot. I'm still learning myself as every company has yearly new releases. I hope the time i've spent evaluating & suggesting improvements will help you choose the right combination for your game.

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