Well, my dealer never received the Native Ultimate FX 12 Pro I put a deposit on. It somehow got lost in the Covid-19 shuffle . . . likely related to the factory shutting down for several weeks. And, my sales rep said they had no idea when or if one would ever be shipped. So, I bought the alternative, a 2020 Native Slayer 12 XC I mentioned months ago in another post. Oh! And, I sold my Native Propel 10 taking me down to just this one paddler. We have a small garage so this is it.

What sort of happened to me over the years was I kept watching new high-end kayaks coming out year after year with new contraptions, new innovations. I've bought more than a few such kayaks over the years. But, I got into kayak fishing for its simplicity. It seems the sport is moving to essentially what will soon be just smallish bass boats. I actually like the trend, I just don't want to participate in it. In this regard, paddlers instead of pedalers are unique in that there isn't much a new model next year will have over the prior year. We have maxed out so to speak!! Since we now live on Galveston Island, what I really needed now was something I can fish in the marshes/bays and coves. And, too, take up and fish in freshwater rivers and lakes on occasion.

No, I haven't gotten it wet, not yet, and likely won't until the Boonedox Landing Gear, one branded for Native named "Sidekick," comes in. The 12 XC is 12' 2" and 36+" beam, and sort of heavy. Odd that it looks so big to me even though I had a Big Rig which was a foot longer and a bit wider.

I'll be using a chain anchor utilizing the chain chute built into this kayak. To this, I have already installed a track-mounted anchor trolley and when conditions merit it, I'll use the ring on it to secure myself with a stake-out pole.

Tons of storage on this kayak. Lots of places, horizontal and vertical for rods. So I think all I will need is to find a really good fish bag to keep the flounder, reds and trout I hope to be catching soon. I've posted this photo before . . . I think. This is it, and in the color (Hidden Oak) I purchased.

Cheers! Brad

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