Our fishing is going into the summer pattern now!
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This is a big change on the lake not much schooling for the sandbass and hybrids and our Bluecat or leaving the bank, so we're locating most the fish now with out graphs.
Sandbass and hybrids alike are moving to the humps early in the mornings at all depths from 10 to 15ft to 30 and 40ft of water.
Live bait is working best on the hybrids but these  suckers are hard to find right now.
Really best chance for a box of fish for me is to go after the sandbass or bluecat!
For some reason the shad is still spawning along the shore lines very early in the mornings, I personally have never seen this happen in June.
It seems to me after a couple of years of hardly any stockings and no stockings of the hybrid striper we're really down on the fish. My hope is that once the shad finally get off the spawning cycle the hybrids will really start showing up again. 
I want to let everyone who know my buddy Chris Watson - his surgery went well! A ten hour surgery to remove his tongue and lymph nodes from cancer has him on the recovery stage of his life for now!
Thank you for all of your continuing prayers he is a wonderful hard working family man and will return in time to guiding with me on the lake!  That's who he is and what he does best!

Bob Holmes
The longest running fishing guide on the lake and still the Striper Lake Record Holder
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