Ah, warm weather is upon us and we started our summer hours today. Fishing 5:45 AM to Noon. Great fishing and off the water before the sun fries our old brains.

Hard Core is what we call this tournament, but it follows the Major League Fishing format where every fish you catch over 10" counts. With Lake Fork partitioned into three sections and the section rotates each week throughout the year.Today section 1 was scheduled. LFA Members will qualify for the semi-final in November by catching 6 lb. and attending at least 6 tournaments. Or fish 80% of the tournaments.

Boaters Results

1st place went to Tim Gold of Mineola with 10 bass for 16.41 LB with a 2.36 LB lunker.
2nd place went to Randy Bunch of Lake Fork with 6 bass for11.76 LB with a 2.55 LB lunker
3rd place went to Bob Roberts of Longview with 6 bass for 9.37 LB with a 2.02. LB lunker .
4th place went to Curt Blount of Lake Fork with 4 bass for 8.91 LB with the boater lunker of 5.71 LB lunker caught on a caught on a drop shot. .
5th place went to Herb Powell of Lake Fork with 8 bass for 7.98 LB with a 2.31 LB lunker.

Co-Angler Results

1st place went to Gary Gilmore of Ennis with 11 bass for 18.60 LB with the co-angler lunker of 7.68 LB caught on a wacky rig.
2nd place went to Doug Hauessler of Royce City with 7 bass for 11.61 LB with a 3.78 LB lunker.
3rd place went to Jackie Price with 5 bass for 8.34 LB with a 2.61 LB lunker.
4th place went to Alf Tuggle of Cypress Lake with 4 bass for 5.50 LB with a 1.82 LB lunker.
5th place went to Don Cox of Garland with 3 bass for 4.89 LB with a lunker of 1.63 LB.

First time this year that there were no skunks. 142 keepers were caught which is good considering that everyone was complaining earlier in the week during pre-fish about poor results.

The Lake Fork Anglers fish every Thursday throughout the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas on 2 different formats. Members are required to fish at least 8 of the Hard Core or LFA or any combination of tournaments to maintain membership. Dues is $5 a year and tournaments are $15. Go the www.bassfin.com to view our website to read our rules and view results. E-mail to sjbasser@gmail.com or call 903-440-2797 for info.

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