At least maybe we can talk about it and ask questions. First, I have no monetary connections to these guys in anyway, but since many of us have cabin fever, it's maybe at least a way to talk fishing.

As many here know, Billy Lawson, aka "YourLakeForkGuide" has a YouTube channel and does weekly shows about what is going on on Lake Fork. He normally does a show every week with audience participation at one of the marinas there on Fork. Due to the COVID, he can't have his usual crowd at the marina. This week, 4/12/2020, Sunday at 5pm CDT, he is going to do a live cast with himself, Ronnie Kelley and Johnathan Bowling (all Lake Fork guides, as well as other lakes) to answer questions. So, might be a good time to check it out..............

"For those of you who are missing the free seminars we normally do we will be doing a live stream seminar so that we can answer your questions!!! It will be on the yourlakeforkguide YouTube channel Sunday at 5pm and We have 3 guides to answer all your questions including myself, Ronnie Kelley , and Johnathan Bowling."


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