Mustad's offset "Bait Holder-Sliced Shank" Sickle Hook Review!

I chose this type of hook for 2 reasons.
1) Offset tip.
2) Shank sickles.

I needed a multipurpose day & day whipping hook (spin casting) to use for grubs. The attributes is perfect for my choice of grubs. CHL "Completely Hooked Lures" by Landon Yamamoto. I've used every type of grub here in the islands & these work the best for me.

The factory offset will help create a faster hook-up. If i offset it myself it'll weaken the hook.. Has to be factory poured this way. The sickles help hold the grub in place, its main design was to hold bait in place but works equally well using grubs. I'm expecting variations shortly on this style from shorter shanks to wider gaps for larger species.

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