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3/9/20 Lake Georgetown
Fished alone - quit at 100

‘Just practicing’

Launched out of Cedar Breaks and struggled to find shad, but caught enough, at least 3 dozen . (Didn’t catch a single fish on shad)

My plan for today was catch and move, checking as many areas as I could.
First stop 18’ caught 10 and moved (jigging slab)

2nd stop 26’ caught 10 and left them biting (jigging slab).

3rd stop 30’ - these were active - caught 20 here - lots of doubles
Had boated 40 by 9am.

At this point I went up the river channel - I never find anything there, but I like the views.
Made it to the shallows and turned around.
Tons of small shad in the river channel (3/4-1”)

4th stop 29’ - the fish were here but wouldn’t bite. At this point I switched to the Zman Streakz 1.5” this is a special custom bait created by taking a Streakz 3.75” and taking the Fiskar scissors to it. Cut the head off and cut the tail off. Fish want small baits right now! Bigger fish came with the cut plastics.

The rest of the day was spot hoping with probably no more than 5 fish caught per stop.
Most of the fish from this point on were suspended in deep waters 40-55’

4 short hybrids were caught and 1 crappie on Zman Streakz 3.75”
6 largemouth and the rest were mainly small white bass.
Water temp 59

I still have some spring break week availability for Richland Chambers
Let’s go catching

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