I have heard a lot of talk about the new spot lock features on trolling motors these days and it is a substantial investment so when I went that route I did a lot of research and found conflicting opinions. I just wanted to share my experience since I have owned both. I bought a 24 volt terrova about a year and a half ago. This was the updated model they had made improvements to. That thing held great! I was extremely impressed with its performance even in rough weather or strong currents. I recently sold that boat and the one I bought has a 24 volt motorguide saltwater version xi5 with pinpoint gps. I had it out yesterday and it performed really well. I did not notice any difference in the performance between it and the terrova. However, yesterday was very low winds so I did not get to really see what it could do. I will update this once I get it out in some chop in case anyone is in the market and it doing research.

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