How Does This Coronado CDX-65 Spinning Reel Function?

Years ago i purchased the Okuma Trios-65 Baitfeeder from Sports Authority. On the first day using it i hooked 2 hard fighting Eagle Nose Rays. That reel easily handled those Stingrays. So my friend Robert Nguyen asked me to do a review on the Coronado CDX-65 Baitfeeder. He said for some reason it's not as popular as the previous Trios line though it's incredibly improved since the Trios first appeared.

Robert was right! I looked at the stats & it's way above the Trios in almost every category. So i ordered one and it arrived today. I didn't have to study much as i'm getting used to using Okuma products. I decided to spool 65lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel, stats say it should take 320yds. If any fish can strip out 3 football fields of line it deserves it's freedom.

I'm thinking of going out to collect live Mangrove Crabs for my live bait. In terms of sheer power the Coronado 65 has a higher max drag rating then the Trios 65. I'll match it up w/a Cedros 11'/12' Surf Rod. I used to add a short top shot of monofilament by using a modified Albright Knot. But after a year i rarely had to cut the top shot down, only the fluorocarbon leader due to external abrasions. So i decided to go all braid & will run a slightly longer Soft Steel leader of Stretchable Fluorocarbon. That fluoro realy does stretch though not as much as mono. It's abrasion resistant (so far) and boast knot strengths of 17-30% stronger when tied compared to line strength.

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