Why Waste $1,000's Spent on Line? Re-use or Give it Away!

Every year i spend easily over a $1,000 just on spooling my reels. Now i'm using Soft Steel fishing line (ie Eminent Braid, Stretchable/Invisible Fluorocarbon, & Premium/Ultra Premium Monofilament). I need to strip off the "not so older line" that's still good & replace it w/Soft Steel line. My Big Water Fishon Spooler by Sportsman Innovations is great, though it's a basic spooler & line stripper. It doesn't have the capability of saving the older original line. But i found a way.

Used Ribbon Spools. My friend Jeff Konn gave me used ribbon spools left over from Christmas. With these spools i now can save the newer line in good condition. With the unit's attachments i couldn't save the stripped line. Now i can. So i'll show you how to do it.


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