Lake Tyler Teams #2 this Saturday February 29th. Registration begins at Lake Tyler Marina Resort at 5:00 AM. Unlike in the past we will have a numbered order take off from the Marina at 6:20 AM. At Registration Anglers will draw one chip from the bucket numbered 1-35, that will be your starting order. I know many of you like the way it was but with other events starting in the dark at 6:00 AM every Saturday this is the only sure way to make sure everyone starts at the proper time. This may also help to attract other anglers who like a controlled start over our honor system of the past.
Same as always all fishing ceases at 3:00 PM and anglers must be chip checked by 3:30 PM. Scales close at 3:45 PM or with the last angler who checked in on time weighing in.

Thanks for your Support
Mark, Diane and Sassy
214-773-5451 text is best