Blue on Blue Okuma Combo w/a Blue Azores 6K Spinner!

From the earlier units to the final off the shelf product this rod has never disappointed me. Patterned after the original Rockaway, the surf rod designed for the Oregon Surf Perchers i have caught fish from the first day using it.

The most extreme example was using the 12' model when i freak lightning storm moved in & it lit up everything while i was setting my line. I went momentarily blind & my right hand holding the reel went slightly numb while holding the reel. 5min latter one of the GT's across from me that was smashing mullets struck my bait & took off (pic is in the video). Even though it looked like someone was dangling of the rod tip this rod can take it.

Seems every trip i take my Nesikas on i've caught fish on them. Every trip! They're my "good luck" rods now. When i was packing-up the following morning a school of Jacks "papio" came through. I caught several 15 inchers before the school took off chasing baitfish. Figures after all day & night i ran out of battery power. I did capture pics on my iPhone at least.

This was my first time using them at night. These are excellent rods that can be used for casting live & dead baits from shore to spin casting flies, grubs to top waters all day. Again this line was originally intended for Sea Perch casters of Oregon but has found homes in other areas targeting different species day & night.

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