Used 80lb Eminent Braid By Soft Steel For My Okuma Cedros 14K Reel!

Normally i'd go to town & spend a small fortune spooling line onto new reels after receiving new equipment. But thanks to Soft Steel i have enough braid & monofilament to last for awhile. Also i have a new line spooler called the Big Water Fishon Spooler by Sportsman Innovations. It's a blessing to service your own equipment the way you want it.

I just received my 10K Cedros 2020 Spinning Reels. Last year i was reviewing the 8K & 14K Prototypes in the field. Now i have all 3 sizes. This summer Okuma will be releasing the new 4K & 6K sizes for the inshore angler to complete the series. I'm looking forward to testing those as well.

So i just spooled new Soft Steel 80lb Eminent Braid on my new Cedros 10K for 2020. So i thought i'd share how i've modified the Palomar Knot for braid. This is 1 of 2 ways i modify this knot. I've been using this for years with no problems.

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