No giants caught but it was a strange but fun weekend for fishing. Wife and I started out on Friday night staying on a houseboat berthed on Lake Travis. We caught 18 crappie, 3 white bass and 4 LMB during the afternoon through about 1:30AM. Crappie were all caught on small pink/black jugs with pink crappie bites. All 3 white bass were caught on Alabama rig with white jigs attached. The LMB were all caught on drop shots. Saturday afternoon I took the kayak out on the Pedernales River at the Hwy 71 Bridge and went to the mouth of Lick Creek. I caught 3 nice white bass on white jigs and one 3lb LMB on a shaky head jig (brown). Sunday we drove to Inks Lake. We put the kayaks in and fished below the dam out of the fisheries. Caught 6 LMB on white spinners and 5 white bass on the same spinners. We then loaded up and drove to Lake Marble Falls and launched at the upper end of the lake. Used silver spoons to catch 3 hybrids. Finished the day running the kayaks on the Pedernales at Hwy 281 in Johnson City. We beat thee water pretty hard to bring in 4 LMB – all on white spinners.

Mark 1:17 - "and I will make you fishers of men"
Texas A&M Class of 81