Ok yes I got mad at bass pro when they discontunued carrying salt Striker reels. I went to the Black Friday sale and bought 4 Penn fierce reels at a bargain price and they are great so far. I have caught numerouse fish on them even two channel catfish over 10 pounds. Drag works great. So as long as I get to buy something on sale every year I promise to not hold a grudge about the salt strikers. I do use my reels on pro angler and wisher Seeker rods with great success. Now I don’t do a bunch of casting and mainly fish straight under my boat. I prefer salt water reels just because they seem more tough and yes I did grow up with a michell. Anyone have other reels in a cafishermans budget you think I should try. I have eight salt strikers that I clean and oil once a year. They are used big time and no I don’t baby them. Yes I set the hook in my share of logs. Those logs feel like fish sometimes lol.

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