A few years ago I bought a Challenger Inflatable Kayak to carry in my Motor-home. This was good for me because I could just roll it up into a bag and throw it in the storage bin. This worked fine for a while but obsessed with improving things first it was a stadium seat, then some reinforcement to mount the seat, pontoons, PVC reinforcement and a trolling motor, battery and even a depth finder. Shortly after my last redesign I ran into a nice old Triton bass boat and haven't had the Kayak in the water since. Instead of rolling this up into 1 small bag it is packed into 3 bags (PVC, trolling motor & batteries, Pontoons, Life Jackets, 2 seats) it is quite heavy. I should find a guy who enjoys this kind of thing and sell it to him. I wouldn't be able to ship something like this so if there is someone in the Lubbock, Texas (Buffalo Springs Lake) area that has an interest please PM.

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