This has been a great kayak it’s just time for me to upgrade so I have decided to part with it. This Yak is super stable, you can easily stand up to fish in this rig. It has some minor scratches/wear from use, but it does not affect its performance in any way. This kayak has an incredible amount of storage with a large storage hatch in the back as well as another large one in front of the seat. It also has a waterproof pouch right in front of the seat perfect for phones/wallets/keys. It has four built in rod holders. Also has bungees on the front and back for tie down areas. In the front there is a rod tip protecter so you don’t have to worry about your rods during transport/paddle. I am throwing in a homemade kayak crate with extra PVC rod holders, an anchor, an anchor cleat, an anchor trolley system, a 3700 size utility box, I believe a 3500 size utility box, and two extra rod holders that can be mounted on the side of the kayak for trolling/drifting. I do not have a paddle for it. Again, great kayak just upgrading.
I am located in Robinson Texas (near Waco)
Selling for $699 OBO
Text me at: 2542929675

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