I have a humble, but cool nearly restored fiberglass bass boat. Everyone that sees it says it's a cool boat. The boat and motor have less than a 100 hours on the them. Nothing to brag about compared to a major rig, but it's not a Jon boat either. not to say there is anything wrong with Jon boats. They are where II have my first fishing memories, and where I learned how to fish. The bottom line is, I am looking for someone who wants to fish, but does not have a boat. All I ask is, not to get a hook in the face, arm, leg or any other appendage, and that you help with gas. All other maintenance is my responsibility, as the boat owner. The last number of years, I have been fishing salt. I have a ton of freshwater gear, but it has been 20+ years since seriously fish freshwater. I am interested in all species. The gentleman who owns the meat shop in Blanco today suggested this site to help find someone to fish with. I would also like to fish some local bass tournaments. I live on the north side of Canyon Lake.

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