It was co cold that nearly 60 fingers and 60 toes were frozen. Extremeties in very cold weather are the hardest to keep warm. Ok so it wasn't so cold but with a 30 mph "breeze" out of the north and northwest brings it down a bunch. Breezy is what the weatherman said Wednesday night. HAHa.

So after being off for the last week for bad weather again todays fish were caught from 10 to 1' deep on a variety of baits including baby brush hogs, spinner baits, crankbaits and chatter baits.
Very tough day for most.

This is a 5 fish limit, all fish count 10" up including slots since all fish are measured, recorded and released on the spot.

Boaters Results

First place went to Don Overstreet of Sulphur Springs with 4 bass for 9.99 LB with a 4.49 LB lunker caught on a black worm.
Second place went to Randy Bunch of Lake Fork with 3 bass for 6.04 LB with a 2.25 LB lunker caught on a medium crankbait
Third place went to Jack White of Farmers Branch with 2 bass for 5.58 LB with the Boater lunker of 5.08 LB
Fourth place went to Tom Fisher of Golden with 2 bass for 4.07 LB with a 2.25 LB lunker.
Fifth place went to Scott Shrader of Mineola with 1 bass for 3.62 LB caught on a baby brush hog.

Co-Anglers Results caught on a drop shot

First place went to Tom Whitrock with co-angler lunker of 6.64 LB caught on a red rattle trap. This fish weighed in at over 10 lbs.
Second place went to Don Cox of Garland with 2 bass for 5.10 with a 2.61 LB lunker.
Third place went to Dave Garner of Royce City with 1 bass for 3.62 LB caught of a chatter bait.
Fourth place went to John Shinn of Van with 1 bass for 3.02 LB. caught on a square bill.
Fifth place went to John Berech of Garland with 1 bass for 2.31 LB.

There were 26 keeper bass caught today with 12 skunks. Some real good "Sticks" were either skunked or caught 1 fish today.

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